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Lost Daigles

     The following DAIGLE entries have no connection thus far in the Daigle Database. If you have any information at all on any of these, please send that info to Don Daigle, our Genealogy Chairman.

Baton Rouge records examined were:

I. St. Gabriel: Baptisms, Marriages(SG)

2. St. Joseph, East Baton Rouge: Baptisms Marriages (SJO)

3. St. Joseph, Pierre Part: Baptisms, Marriages(SJPP)

4.Assumption Ch., Plattenville, LA: Baptisms, Marriages(PL)


Adrien 63 yrs 8/18/1912 St. Elizabeth, Paincourtville, LA

Alice Dudley (Leslie John and Ann Lucretia Jones) 2/6/1971 2/28/1971 St. Jos. Thib. LAAline (Robert & Rose Medina) June 1918 (PL)

Allen (5/17/1954) m Marsha Badeaux (10/22/1955) on 2/4/1972 (NO) daughter Tracey (9/9/1972)

Alvan A. (Gillis and Sally Rodriques) m Isabelle Marie Tullier (I 0/7/1905) onI/ I / 1 924. Children: Alvan Jr. Oct 1924 died 1926; Roy Paul 7/26/1926 m Betty Joe Genero 1944;their children: Mary Gerado Daigle (7/29/1948) m Robert Morgan; Paula Ann Daigle (1949) m Ralph Waldo Parker in 1969 divorced him 6/20/1973 remarried Stephen Michael Crwler on 5/26/1976. Roy Paul remarried Rosa Mae Foret Tullier on 1/8/1977.

Amanda (Delphis and Florence Hackey) (IO/19/1943) m Leon J. Hackey (7/11/1919; 1/9/1975) (Bathurst, NB)

Amelie wife of Privat Tullier 71 yrs. 9/l/1926 St. John the Baptist, Brusly, LA

Andre 60 (Calvin and Camille Mayonisse) m Carolyn Liuzza 40 on II/17/1912 (NO)

Angele Daigle 22yrs old died 10/26/1892 St. Elizabeth, Paincourtville, LA Harry 90yrss 1/9/1894 St. Elizabeth, Paincourtville, LA

Angie m Kent Guidry (SWLA) (recent)

Anna m Marcial Fournerat on 8/l/1927 (SWLA)

Anne (Robert and Emma Blanchard) 7/22/1925 10/4/1925 Immaculatte Conception, Canal, LA (Villere a sponsor)

Annette (Francois and Rita Blaquiere) m William R. Albert (5/5/1949) on 10/9/1971 Moncton, NB

Antoinette (Edward and Cecilia Pares) 4/2/1925 5/9/1925 Inimaculatte Conception, Canal, LA

Appoline m Jean Petit Comm Bull 11/8/1836 p 2 c 3 (NO)

Armand m Doris Boudreau (10/30/1949) on 8/28/1971 (children Lise 9/10/1972, Marcel 5/17/1977) Bathurst, NB

Ashle Victoria (Scott and Rhonda Fulcher) 5/22/1983 5/31/1987 St. Jos. Thib. LA

Azema Daigle 12/17/1912 28yrs. Wife of Felix Friou) Cem. Of the Chapel of Canal, LA

Barbara A. (1/29/1937) m Daniel E. Broussard (8/9/1935) at Lake Arthur, TX

Barbara Ellen (Allen and Elaine Bourgeois) 5/8/1956 5/20/1956

Bart m Susie Leblanc (children Joshua and Trent)

Benjamin Todd (4/25/1961 Pierre Varinan and Hilda Sonnier) m Celise Ann Higgenbotham (3/24/1958) on 216/1987 at Abbeville, LA children Benjamin Caine 9/8/1987; Christopher Todd 10/2/1989

Bertha (2/7/1922, Theodule and Lelia ??) m. Thomas Higgenbotham (3/19/1920 Church Point) on 10/5/1946 Crowley, LA

Beverly Ann (Avery and Sadie Allemand) 8/3 0/195 8 9/2/1958 St. Jos. Thib. LA

Brenda Ann (Allen and Elaine Bourgeois) 7/24/1950 7/27/1950 (St. Jos. Thib. LA) m Sidney Louis Harp 11 on 1/8/1972 St. Jos. Thib. LA

Brodie Jude (Troy and Melanie Boudreau) 8/28/1989 9/24/1989 St. Jos. Thib. LA

Bryan Jos. (Oscar W. And Shirley Lajaunie) m Gail Louis Gautreaux (7/16/1963) in Labadieville, LA on 4/6/1979.

C. P. Nancy (Moise and Diane ???) m. John Sherman Young (I 1/29/1955) on 4/11/1980


Camile (Joseph and Annette Leblanc) m Evelina Berthelot 2/21/1892 (Ascension,

Donaldsonville, LA)

Camille Hebert (nee Daigle) 37 yrs 5 mon 2/22/1910 St. Elizabeth, Paincourtville, LA

Cannela 25 yrs 10/2/1909 St. Elizabeth, Paincourtville, LA

Carinen M. (8/29/193 1) m Allen J. Albert (3/16/1931 Hartford, CT) on 1 1/27/1948 Hartford, CT

Catherine m Martin Donellan 3/9/1907 (JEFF)

Catherine m Stewart Michel Young ( he lives in NO) (SWLA)

Cathy (James and Nolia Meche)(1/14/1956) m Danny Vining

Cecilia Pares ( wife of Edward) 35 yrs 5/8/1930 5/8/193 0 Immaculate Conception, Canal, LA

Celamine Daigle 64yrs 4/10/1897 St. Philomena, Labadieville, LA

Charles 70yrs born Donaldsonville, LA 12/7/1941 12/8/1941 (# 1 63 2??) Holy Family of Port Allen, LA

Christine Marie (1/6/1970, Golden Meadow) (Emile Anthony and Rosalie Guidry) m Flint David Cheramie (4/11/1968, Cut-Off) on 6/17/1988 in Golden Meadow.

Claire Louise (Thomas J. And Ann Matthiesen) 3/24/1967 4/9/1967 St. Jos. Thib. LA

Clarence Fred (Cleveland and Dora Landry)(I 2/l/1923, 12/30/1923) m Gloria M. Arabie on 2/15/1947 in Westwego, LA

Clothilde 45 yrs 8/20/1941 8/21/1941 (Maxine Leblanc) St. Ann, Morganza, LA

Clyde (2/26/1949, Welsh, LA) m Charlene Annette Falgout at Lake Charles, LA on 7/12/1980 Children Leigh Eron, Allison Paige, and Amy Kathryn.

Corinne Lydia (Isidore and Eglantine Landry?) 27y m William Evans Bailey 1/2/1902 (NO)

Cory James (Ronald Paul and Donna Lynn Marie Benoit) 1/2/1975 1/26/1975 St. Jos. Thib. LA

Dale Ann Brown Daigle m Wilbert 0. Broussard (8/26/1932) at Lake Arthur, LA

Daniel Jude (5/l/1944 Houma, LA) (Evans John and Jeannette Marie Pellegrin) m Norma Marie Gautreaux (7/12/1947 Little Caillou, LA) on 7/20/1968 in Chauvin, LA

Darrell Patrick (4/25/1947, Caribou, ME) m Gloria Hunter Children: Michelle Marie 2/17/1969

Darryl Anthony (Charles and Audrey Bergeron) 4/28/1967 5/l/1967 St. Jos. Thib. LA

Deanne Marie (Clarence and Vella Gros) 9/26/1944 9/30/1944 (St. Jos. Thib. LA)

Denise ( Joseph and Camille Breaux) 4/4/1908 3/30/1908 St. Elizabeth Paincourtville, LA

Denise Mary (Allen and Elaine Bourgeois) 7/3/1966 7/10/1966 St. Jos. Thib. LA m Dondi Louis Clement at St. Genevieve, Thib. LA on 7/15/1988.

Dennis James Wayne (Murphy and Hilda Mae Robichaux) 8/16/1949 8/20/1949 Patrick spon. (St. Jos. Thib. LA)

Desire Daigle 9/16/1847 died May 1920 St. Andrew Cem.

Dixie m Louis Philip Soucy (12/28/1926, Van Buren, ME) on 8/20/1948 Lenemburg, VT Isidore m Irene Soucy on 6/6/1981 Packington, Temiscouta, P. Q.

Dorcy (simon Comeaux) 65 yrs 5/21/1943 5/24/1943 St. Ann, Morganza, LA

Edward (Joseph) m Cecilia Pari 4/21/1919 (SJPP)

Elaine Marie (Allen and Elaine Bourgeois) 2/22/1947 3/9/1947 (St. Jos. Thib. LA) m Samuel Jos. Rotolo on 2/12/1966 at St. Jos. Thib. LA

Elaine Marie ( Thomas J. And Ann Matthiesen) 11/22/1965 12/5/1965 St. Jos. Thib. LA

Elise wife of J. B. Delaune 12/18/19 1 0 St. Philomena, Labadieville, LA(second wife??)

Elizabeth (John and Philomene Pitre) bom 1871 died 12/19/1940 married a Demsey (Canada)

Elizabeth Lynn ( C. J. And Elizabeth Steele)(5/20/1939, 6/25/1939) (St. Jos. Thib. LA) m Harold Wilson in St. Veronica, East Detroit, Ml

Emile Anthony (Emile Anthony and Inez Boudreaux)(5/8/1948, Golden Meadow)m Rosalie Marie Guidry (8/9/1950) ON 10/15/1966 in Golden Meadow.

Emile Richard (6/19/1943, St. Louis, NB??) m Ludivine Daigle( Simon and Marg. Bariault)

Emma (St. Mary, Desire and Faustine Aucoin) 36 m Frank Le Normand (St. Martinville) 43 on 5/17/1913 (NO)

Era Cecile (I 1/8/1927, White Castle, LA) m Randel Ives Jos. Gautreaux (12/15/1927, Jackson, LA) in White Castle, LA on 9/5/1948.

Ernest Adam (Nelson and Leah Leonard) 3/8/1947 1/24/1947 4 mile Bayou Immaculate Conception, Canal, LA

Estelle Vina Daigle 8/11/1898 8 /12/1898 66yrs St. Elizabeth, Paincourtville, LA Charles 66 yrs 7/11/1900 7/12/1900 St. Elizabeth, Paincourtville, LA

Eunice T. 9/13/1911 died 6/13/1978 St. Andrew Cem.

Faustine Aucoin b 7/5/1836 died March 1919 St. Andrew Cem.

Francis Albert (Labadieville C. F. And Katherine Robichaux)(9/29/1940) m Betty Jean Bilello(6/2/1940, Thib) 2/6/1961 St. Jos. Thib. LA

Francis Audry (Gibbons and Marie Leblanc) I/ 1 8/1923 1/29/1923 St. Elizabeth Paincourtville, LA

Frank Conrad (Newland and Celina Lejeune) 8/7/1894 bap Holy Famly Port Allen

George (Edouard) buried 10/24/1896 (SG)

George Charles (Charles and Adele Leblanc) 10/23/1899 10/28/1899 Smoke Bend, LA St. Francis Assisi

George Jos. (Wilfred and Irene Alemand) m Neila Michel 11/1 1/1938 Pierre Part, LA

Gerald Jos. m Mildred Frances Bowers (I1/14/1929) on 5/20/1950 (NO)

Gerard Jefftey Hime Daigle (I 0/21/1962 St. Jos. Thib. LA) m Mary Ellen Kron (3/9/1963) on 7/27/1985 St. Jos. Thib. LA

Germaine Ann (7/7/1963 Moise and Mary Deamine Daigle) m James Bernard Bozo Higgenbotham (I 0/8/1961 Church Point).

Getty Gerrard m Judy Andree Derouen (7/3/1958) on 1/8/1977 children: Telly Blake 7/2/1977 and Cy Joseph 12/30/1980.

Gilbert m Emily Broussard (I1/6/1893) at Abbeville

Gilbert James (Gilbert and Viola Theriot) b. 7/24/1909 bap. 9/5/1909(SJO

Gladys m Felix Louis Toups (1903 d 9/19/1955) on 7/30/1935 (NO)

Harry Lee Daigle, Sr. m Carolyn Ourso (b 1937) children H. L. Daigle, Jr. (1956), Drena Mae(1959).

Henri 19 yrs 9/7/1914 St. Elizabeth, Paincourtville, LA

Henry 80 yrs 5/4/1911 St. Elizabeth, Paincourtville, LA

Herynogene 26yrs 1 1/8/1907 St. Elizabeth, Paincourtville, LA

Ida (Joseph and Opheila McLeod) 3/6/1909 2/10/1909 St. Elizabeth Paincourtville, LA

J. (Louis and Beatrice Martin)(born 1923) m Dorette Bonin (1/31/1926) in 1942

James Edward m. Estella Williams 1/27/1904(SJO)

Janel Elizabeth (Avery and Saie Allemand) (10/3/1961, 10/511961) (St. Jos. Thibodeaux, LA)

Jean 33yrs 7/27/1908 St. Elizabeth, Paincourtville, LA

Joann Theresa (Avery P. And Sadie Allemand) 4/22/1960 5/i/1960 St. Jos. Thib. LA

John (John E. And Genevieve ???) 11/30/1933 6hrs. Holy Family of Port Allen, LA

John m Emma Smith (7/17/1894, Iota) (SWLA) Keith m Mona Manuel (12/19/1958) (SWLA)

John Laurence (Ernest & Martha Dantin?) 27y m Clarice Millaudon I 1/1 5/1899 (NO)

John Leslie Jr. (John Leslie and Kim Brunet) 11/16/1990 12/27/1990 St. Jos. Thib. LA

John Leslie(12/17/1967) m Kim Angela Brunet(1/7/1968) on 5/12/1990 St. Jos. Thib. LA

Joseph 76yrs 12/30/1920 12/31/1930 Holy Family of Port Allen, LA

Joseph 65yrs 10/2/1922 Immaculate Conception, Canal, LA burial

Joseph N. m Martha G. Douglas VEB678 p 270 (NO)

Joseph Phillipe son Jules Daigle 16 mon 8/14/1921 St. John the Baptist, Brusly, LA

Julia 48 yrs 3/9/1905 3/10/1905 48 yrs St. Elizabeth, Paincourtville, LA

Julius Joseph( Laulien and Lumila Blanchard; Marie Claire D. God) b7/13/1913\

bap. 9/6/1913(SJPP)

Kenneth Patrick(9/6/1959 St. Rose de Lima, N.O.)(Thomas A. And Ann B. Matthiesen) m Christine Ann Russo (1/13/1957 St. Jos Gretna, LA) on 7/24/1982 St. Jos. Thib. LA

Kenny m Stella Arabie (live in Bunas, TX) (SWLA)

Kevin James (Ernest Paul and Delia Marie Mayet) 8/l/1974 8/25/1974 St. Jos. Thib. LA

Kim Marie ( Dennis Jos. And Joy Anne Pichoff) (I 1/28/1963) m Michael Anthony Lombas (5/25/1965) in Harvey, Jefferson Parish, LA on 6/31/1988

Kristi Lynn m Shane Michael Businelle (b 12/20/1968 Pensacola, FL) on 6/17/1990 German Ancestors & Patriots of LA 1722-1803 (LA F 3772124 W54)

L. G. m Dr. J. C. Beard VEB678 p 637 (NO)

Larry Lee Joseph (Charles Lee and Adele Leblanc) m Victoria McCullum (6/8/1923) on 10/9/1946 St. Jos. Thib. LA

Laurie Lynn (1/21/1973) (Michael W. And Connie Landry)m, Clinton Patrick C. Galliano (3/24/1968) in Lawrencville, Gwinnett, GA.

Lawrence George ( Charles and Adele Leblanc) 12/18/1895 12/30/1895 Edward Daigle sponsor Smoke Bend, LA St. Francis Assisi

Leathie Agnes (Gillis A. D. And Sallie Rodriques) b. 9/5/1901;bap. 1/12/1902 (SJO)

Lee m Edward Glenn Reinhardt (NO)

Leland Thomas m Lisa Ann Chauvin (6/l/1965) in St. Mary Parish on 1/14/1985

Leroy Jr. (Leroy Sr. and Iris Bergeron) m Judy Ann Lejeune (7/12/1956) OnChurch Point Children: Ammy Maria (1013/1975), Nicholas Lee (1/l/1981 Church Point).

Leroy Thomas (lafayette, Abe Daigel and Grace Murrell) m Patricia Marie Musso (9/28/1936) on 10/26/1958 St. Jos. Thib. LA

Lin (Henry Albert and Emily N. Roblin) m Lela Lillian Lawrence (7/25/1932) ON 1/29/1949 St. Jos. Thib. LA Children Dennis Lin (10/6/1950) who married Nancy Lee Carrol on 12/27/1973 their children were Stacy Lyn 2/10/1974 and Lin 3/12/1976. Sister of Dennis Lin was Lisa Ann 4/12/1956 who married Raymond Antonio Nava (Venezuela) on 1/3/1978.

Linda Nell (I I/ 1 5/1945 Lafayette)(Luke Jos. And Irene Barras) m Douglas Jos. Gautreaux (5/2/1945 Lafayette) in Lafayette on 6/12/1965.

Linden Gustave (Charles and Adele Leblanc) 5/23/1897 Smoke Bend, LA St. Francis Assisi

Loretta m David Keith Chauvin (3/24/1936) in Lafayette Parish on 6/27/1959

Lucie Delphine m Hunter Vincent Kirkland St. John the Baptist, Brusly, LA

Lula Therese (Robert and Emma Blanchard) 10/1 1/1927 12/5/1927 Immaculate Conception, Canal, LA

Lyn Marie (Murphy Dennis and Hilda Marie Robichaux) 3/4/1964 3/15/1964 St. Jos. Thib. LA m Anthony Paul Larose at St. Genevieve, LA on 6/20/1986.

Lynn m Pierre Paul Hackey (5/22/1947) no date of marriage

Madeleine Croham 64 yrs. 1/29/1893 wife of Joseph Daigle St. Philomena, Labadieville, LA

Marie Ann 12/1958 m David Paul Guidry (6/24/1958 Galliano).

Marie Albert (Homer and Ernestine ???) 5/10/1925 6/6/1925 Immaculatte Conception, Canal, LA

Marie Alcidie, Marie Julienne ( Zutma Daigle) St. Elizabeth Paincourtville, LA

Marie Azema ( Homer and Ernestine ???) 2/11/1922 4/6/1922 Immaculatte Conception, Canal, LA

Marie Helene (William and Helene Lejeune) bom 8/12/1876 died 6/28/1959 (Canada)

Marie Louella m Joseph Ash Desmarets (born 12/22/1912)

Marie (Valcour and Opheila McLeod) 1/16/1905 1/9/1905 Henriette Daigle sponsor St. Elizabeth Paincourtville, LA

Martha Bernadette (Allen and Elaine Bourgeois) 7/24/1950 7/27/1950 (St. Jos. Thib. LA) m Sidney Louis Harp 11 1/8/1972 St. Jos. Thib. LA \

Mary Hazel (George C. And Hazel Lowe) (Chamberlin, LA) 5/17/1934 5/18/1934 Holy Family of Port Allen, LA

Mary Martha (Theodore and Sarah Hazlip) m John Bird 12/29/1891 St. John the Baptist, Brusly, LA

Max Paul (Robert V. And Emma Blanchard) 8/15/1923 9/29/1923 St. Elizabeth Paincourtville, LA m Ruth Virginie Ross in Morgan City 4/11/1968.

Michelle Ann 3/23/1968 12/l/1968 Allen Josll l, 11/6/1969 11/23/1969; Marc David 2/l/1971 2/28/1971 (Allen Jos. 11 and Barbara Ann Huddelston) St. Jos. Thib. LA

Merlin Matthew Jr. (Merlin Matthew and Marion Christine Thomas) 4/10/1974 7/28/1974 St. Jos. Thib. LA

Michael Anthony (Murphy and Hilda Mae Robichaux) 10/23/1958 11/2/1958 (St. Jos. Thib. LA) m Annette Marie Leblanc 10/6/1978 at St. Charles, Thib.

Monroe (Zenon & ???) 30y m Elizabeth Remig 23 3/3/1888 (NO)

Nellie 21 m Engle Bart 27 on 3/19/1907 (NO)

Newland Ernest (Newland and Celina Lejeune) 9/5/1895 5/23/1896 Holy Famly Port Allen

Odette Angele (Paul and Nora Schexnayder) 12/5/1899 11/28/1899 St. Elizabeth Paincourtville, LA

Odile Thibodeaux 9/5/1903 wife of Trasimond Daigle St. Philomena, Labadieville, LA

Olivier 26 yrs 9/16/1900 9/17/1900 St. John the Baptist, Brusly, LA

Olivier Charles (Houma, Emile and Ellen ??) 2 8y m Regina Angelotti 21 y on 6/24/1914 (NO)

Opheila (Henry & Marcelite ?) 22 m Octave J. Foy 30 5/31/1887 (NO)

Ozeme 25 yrs 1/8/1911 St. Elizabeth, Paincourtville, LA (900?)

Patricia Marie (Ernest Jos. And Ivy Mae Catherine Boudreaux) 8/14/1942 8/23/1942 m Roy A. Aucoin, Jr., on 2/26/1963 at Sacred Heart, Montegut, LA

Paul 30 yrs 4/7/1903 4/8/1903 St. Elizabeth, Paincourtville, LA Elodie 68 yrs 1/6/1906 St. Elizabeth, Paincourtville, LA

Paul L. (1/6/1953, Jennings, LA)(George and Frances ??) m Patricia L. Curtis (8/9/1955) on 2/22/1975 First Baptist Ch. Iowa, LA children: Cody Lynn 10/30/1972 first marriage, Elizabeth Lee 12/28/1975, Rebecca Ann 5/8/1978, Britanny Will 11/6/1985.

Racy Lynn (Rene and Connie Leblanc) 9/25/1984 10/28/1984 St. Jos. Thib. LA

Reno Joseph ( Arthur and Lizzie Aucoin) 3/27/1920 5/11/1920 bapt Belle River ( Chapel of Sacred Heart).

Richard Jos. (5/20/1939) m Mildred Cecile Boudreaux(IO/3/1942) on 6/20/1959 St. Jos. Thib. LA

Richard Joseph Jr. (Richard Jos. And Mildred Cecile Boudreaux) 1 1/28/1965 12/5/1965 St. Jos. Thib. LA

Rita (I/ 1 3/1945) m Gerald Benoit (I 1/7/1944) at Lake Arthur, LA

Robert Joseph (Allen and Elaine Bourgeois) 3/15/1944 3/26/1944 (St. Jos. Thib. LA) m Wanda Laleux on 7/17/1963 at St. Bridget, Schriever, LA

Ron James (Rene and Connie Leblanc) 10/6/1979 12/30/1979 St. Jos. Thib. LA

Rosemary (9/8/1930) m Morris Leroy Naquin (2/12/1926 Thibodeaux) Evan Jr. m Jennifer Naquin children Chris, Julie, and Sandi

Roy Sheril m June Cecile Broussard (8/26/1948 Lafayette) on 4/27/1968 (SWLA)

Ruby Cecilia (Robert and Emma Blanchard) 6/21/1929 7/8/1929 Immaculate Conception, Canal, LA m Beverly Lawrence Vinny 12/19/1953 Morgan City, LA

Ruth (3/5/1915, Theodule and Lelia ??) m Lawrence Higgenbotham (8/5/1916 CP) on 4/13/1974 at Lake Charles, LA

Sharon m Peter Martin Johason (9/23/1957 in Gulport, MS) on 5/22/1986 in Port Gibson, MS

Stanislas (Stanislas and Mimi Lavigne) brother named George m Angeline Arseneau (12/27/1907 died 11/1 1/1990) on 6/8/1937 (Bathurst, NB)

Stanley A. m Alice M. Macaluso (5/23/1926) on 10/23/1944 (NO)

Stanley Paul (Jos. And Louise Gros) 2/22/1933 3/l/1933 Immaculate Conception, Canal, LA

Steven Patrick 4/6/197 I Caribou, ME; Jainie Ryan 3/t/1973 Fort Kent, ME.

Telcide 30 yr 10 mon. 10/5/1901 10/16/1901 St. Elizabeth, Paincourtville, LA

Telesphore 57yrs 11/22/1907 St. Elizabeth, Paincourtville, LA

Thomas Henry (Gilbert D. and Louisa Culberson) m. Alice C. Williams 9/30/1903(SJO)

Thomas Henry (age 31 y) bap. 2/22/1903 (SJO)

Thomas Jones Himel adopted by Leslie John Daigle and Ann L. Jones 1/5/1959 1/18/1959 ST. Jos. Thib. LA

Tim Joseph (Calvin and Marilyn Landry)(10/20/1963 Labadieville, LA) m Monica Anne Maronge(4/14/1965 St. Jos. Thib. LA) on 8/15/1986 St. Jos. Thib. LA

Trasimond and Josephine Riviere's child 3yrs old 1/8/1896 1/7/1896 St. Elizabeth,

Paincourtville, LA

Ulrick 28 yrs 7/18/1914 St. Elizabeth, Paincourtville, LA

Ulysse 33yrs 6 mon 4/5/1906 4/6/1906 St. Elizabeth, Paincourtville, LA

Victor Alfred ( ??? and Ermina Gregoire Comeau) 4/12/1897 Smoke Bend, LA St. Francis Assisi

Viola m Wilbert Layette Stiles Wilbert m Christa Gudiry

Virgil Leslie m Jennifer Lynn Ledoux (3/13/1958) on 8/25/1978 live in Eunice (child Leslie Lynn, 5/13/1985)

Wanda Claire (Allen and Elaine Bourgeois) 6/17/1960 6/26/1960 St. Jos. Thib. LA m Nathan Gerald Templet at St. Genevieve, LA on 8/l/1986.

William 36yrs 11/5/1911 St. John the Baptist, Brusly, LA

Yula May (Homer and Ernestine Daigle) m Jos. Adam Mire 9/19/1927 Immaculate Conception, Canal, LA