I know everyone is aware of the upcoming Congres Mondial Acadien 2009  that is rapidly approaching.  The reunion will be held in Inkerman, New Brunswick (marked as "A" on above map)  on August 22, 2009.  Germaine Daigle Comeau is President of the Daigle Committee to organize this reunion.  Go to www.centrepleinairinkerman.com  for information on room accomodations at this time.  A new motel should be finished soon.


12:00 - Opening & Registration
1:00 - Exposition, Souvenirs, Boutique, Information, Music
4:00 - Mass
5:30 - Supper (Cost around $15.00)
9:00 - Dance with a local band (Cost $10.00)


     This event is held every 5 years, and the next reunion in 2014 will be held in Louisiana.  Association de la Famille Daigle will be hosting this event and we will need much manpower to do so.  Please consider joining our organization as an active member to make this the greatest reunion ever.  Hope to see you in Inkerman.